Underground Diesel Loader

The underground diesel loader is designed for working in underground envirment, with short body, central articulation and front loading, combining loading hauling and dumping together. The loader is used for transporting ore and tailings dumping ore into ore-pass or loading ore into dump truck. It can be used for transporting equipments, auxiliary materials, road repairing and paving and also in railway and highway tunnel building projects.

Underground Electric Loader

With requirement of environmental protection, the loader emission is required to be reduced. The application of the electric motor on the loader realizes zero emission of exhaust gas and fundamentally solves the problem of exhaust gas emission. The voltage of electric loaders is from 380V-1140V and it is equipped with electric leakage protection system, ensuring the operation safety. Cable auto-wrap system enables the cable tension in appropriate range, and improves the life of cable. The long-cable design can expand the working scope of the loaders. The lock bar of central articulation enables loaders safer and more reliable.

Low Profile Loader

The equipment is designed with big height of offloaded and can meet the general needs of the truck unloading. Ergonomies compartment provides the maximum comfortable operation and visible range with the low profile.

Underground Mining Truck

Xingye Machinery's mining trucks have the characteristics of compact structure, firmness and durability, and can provide safe, efficient and high-speed long-distance mining transportation in harsh underground environments. The truck adopts a centrally connected slewing bearing structure, and the turning radius is small to achieve high mobility, which can ensure the four-wheel drive of the equipment at all times and increase the traction force.

Vibratory Pick Scaler

Vibratory pick scaler is suitable for scaling loose rock of underground mine and tunnel. The folding booms and hydraulic hammer are driven by rotating hydraulic cylinder, providing optimum boom reach and coverage to fit the actual dimensions of the underground space. The hydraulic system is controlled by proportional piloted valve, which is easy to operate and has a steady motion. The scaler has compact structure, good mobility, small turning radius and strong gradeability which could improve the scaling efficiency and safety.

Mobile Rock Breaker

The rock breaker is desioned for big rock secondarv breaking. Compared with the fixed breaker, it can put the hammer to the rock flexible and correctly, witch is suitable to operate in undergound mine, surface mine,quarry and tunnel project, specially for the low and narrow condition.

Underground Utility Vehicle

With the continuous development of the mining industry, various equipments are used more and more widely, the degree of mechanization is getting hicher and higher. As one of the auxiliarv equioment for mining, underground utllity vehices have been given more missions. Underground utility vehicles series include underground trackless oil transporter, underground transport truck, underground explosive transporter, underground lift platform, underground maintenance vehicle, underground sprinkler, undergrounc concrete mixing truck and other models.

Trackless Personnel Carrier

Trackless personnel carrier is mainly used to transport workers underground in mines. The carrier can improve working conditions, reduce the fatigue of workers, ensure transportation safety, and improve production efficiency. It is one of the indispensable transportation equipment for mine safety and modern mines.

Drilling Jumbo

The full hydraulic drilling jumbo is dedicated to mines. It adopts hydraulic control mode and is equipped with heavy-duty drill boom and RNP rock drill, which can easily cope with harsh working conditions and help you maximize productivity.