Trackless personnel carrier is mainly used to transport workers underground in mines. The carrier can improve working conditions, reduce the fatigue of workers, ensure transportation safety, and improve production efficiency. It is one of the indispensable transportation equipment for mine safety and modern mines.

※Automatic central lubrication
※Aircon system


Ergonomic FOPS/ROPS cab with wide vision which is comfortable and safe.
Independent working and parking brake sysdem and full enelosed SAHR braker can provide a safe and reliable braking. The front axle swings structure can not only ensure the four wheel drive with good adhesion, but also a necessary damping for the comfortable operation.
Xingye Machinery Suspension chassis specially designed for underground mines, reliable and durable, with good ground clearance and excellent driving and riding comfort.
Intelligent Diagnosis System can monitor all parameters of mining trucks in real time, ensure the safety of human and machine and the maintenance information, system diagnosis and alarm logs and other documents can be viewed on the 7-inch LCD screen on the dashboard of the cab.

Technical Specifications
Type XYRU-6 XYRU-13 XYRU-16 XYRU-25 XYRU-20
Carriage Capacity 6 13 16 25 20
Engine power(kW) 58 86.5 120 120 74
Speed(km/h ) 0-18.4 0-23.6 0-23.6 0-30 0-43
Length( mm ) 6255 7220 7805 7650 6390
Width( mm ) 1430 1860 1900 2200 2000
Height( mm ) 2200 2300 2740 2600 2600
Weight( kg ) 7800 8100 10900 11000 8o00
Min.Turning Radius Inner(mm) 3410 3870 3870 3280 8545
Min. Turning Radius Outer(mm) 5180 5970 6210 5940 5323


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