The underground diesel loader is designed for working in underground envirment, with short body, central articulation and front loading,combining loading hauling and dumping together. The loader is used for transporting ore and tailings dumping ore into ore-pass or loading ore into dump truck. It can be used for transporting equipments, auxiliary materials, road repairing and paving and also in railway and highway tunnel building projects.

※Sight distance remote control vedio
remote control and long distance remote control
※Automatic central lubrication
※Central fire suppression system Enclosed canbin with aircon
※Side tipping bucket
※Emergency steering
※Automatic trail functon


Different brands of world-class low-emission diesel engines, including advanced National IV and Stage V engines, can be optionally installed, which can ensure sustainable mining by providing uninterrupted high production efficiency at low cost.
Advanced power transmission matching technology, world brand torque converter, gearbox and drive axle, with automatic shifting and torque converter locking funetion can ensure fast climbing and driving speed. Equipped with limited slip differential can provide a greater traction and fully enclosed spring brakes with SAHR can ensure a safer braking.
the cab conforms to the ROPS/FOPS standard, and an air-conditioned enclosed cab is ontional, which can improve the operating safety while increasing the driving comfort; the integrated electro-hydraulic handle can realize one-handed operation of steering and gear shifting, which improves the operating comfort and productivity.
Xingye Machinery Intelligent Diagnosis System can monitor all parameters of the loader, The operator can view maintenance information, system diagnosis and alarm logs through the 7-inch LCD screen on the cab instrument panel so as to provide fast and convenient fault diagnosis and reduce downtime caused by failures.
The key components such as frame and boom adopt box-type structure and one-step forming design adopt the Q460C steel plate, and the structural strength can meet 2-3 times the safety factor, so as to ensure reliability.
With excellent hydraulic power, the bucket can be filled quickly for efficient production. The loader mostly adopt modulan split design, and the key maintenance areas are ingeniously arranged, which is convenient for the maintenance of components and dismantling on the customer’s site, which can make maintenance services safer.
Optional Xingye Machinery Intelligent Control System, which is an automated and intelligent highly integrated assisted driving system, can provide a variety of digital solutions, including quickly switched among manual driving, sight distance remote control and long distance remote control. The control system can fulfillsemi-autonomous and full intelligence operation, which can reduce the driver’s operation intensity, improve the vehicle operation efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Load capacity(t) 1.2 2 2 3 4 5 7 10 14 18
Engine power(kW) 58 58 58 119 119 119 160 235 256 315
Bucket capacities(m³) 0.6 1 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 6 8
Max.Shovel Force(kN) 32 48 48 70 81 81 115 187 220 290
Max.Traction(kN) 35 50 55 85 102 102 155 223 270 295
Length(mm) 5000 6030 6050 7105 6957 8000 9200 9642 10732 11190
Width(mm ) 1156 1340 1400 1760 1820 1938 2355 2563 2929 3113
Height(mm ) 1990 2000 2000 2080 2050 2086 2255 2383 2576 2745
Weight(kg ) 4600 6600 7600 11500 13900 14800 19200 27500 38400 47000
Min.Turning Radius Inner (mm) 2500 2750 2420 3300 2800 3258 3046 3286 3514 3553
Min. Turning Radius Outer (mm) 4000 4450 4340 4950 5010 5760 5952 6414 7029 7376


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