The full hydraulic drilling jumbo is dedicated to mines. It adopts hydraulic control mode and is equipped with heavy-duty drill boom and RNP rock drill, which can easily cope with harsh working conditions and help you maximize productivity.

High power RNP rock drill, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise. Equipped with high-power RNP rock drill, high efficiency and energy saving, low noise. The rotary motor is bidirectionally reversible and has stepless speed regulation, which can provide powerful torque required for efficient operation; the advanced double buffer system protects the rock drill and drilling tool; The combined action of the oil inlet, buffer and oil return accumulators ensures the smooth operation of the rock drill, thruster, drill arm and hydraulic system, improves production efficiency, and reduces failure rate and maintenance workload.

The heavy-duty drill boom supported by double triangular suspension can ensure the parallel maintenance of hvdraulic pressure in all directions. The drill boom adopts a single handle direct positioning method, which is fast and accurate. The cold-drawn double bottom structure aluminum alloy propelling beam has high bending and torsional strength and long service life. The surface of the propelling beam is covered with stainless steel skin, and the moving parts are made of PTFE wear-resistant liners to adjust the wear gap and keep the driling jumbo centered simply and conveniently.

The drilling jumbo and drilling system have protection functions such as automatic control propulsion by rotary pressure, automatic control of impact by propulsion pressure, and automatic drill rod jam prevention.
Equipped with a sturdy articulated heavy-duty chassis, four-wheel drive. The rear axle oscillating device ensures good contact with the ground in harsh conditions.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions(mm) Working Arm Drilling Depth(mm)  Total Weight(T) Drill Diameter(mm) Min. Ground Clearance(mm) Steering angle Equipment Coverage Area(㎡)
1267*Front 2080/Rear 1800*2900/2200 Single Working Arm    4010 12 45 261 ±41° 33
Rock Drill
Drilling Rod End  Impact Power(kw)  Impact Frequency(Hz) Slewing System
T38 18 60 Iindependent Slewing
Propulsion Beam
Drill Rod Length( mm ) Drilling Depth(Minimum)( mm ) Propulsion(Kn )
4010 4000 13
Drill Boom
Balance Maintenance Propulsion Beam Rollover Angle  Max Lift Angle of Drill Boom Max Slewing Angle of Dril Boom
Complete 360° +65°/-30° ±35°


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