Industrial machinery all employees Rushan big Weihai day tour


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      To strengthen the ownership of Henyep employees are feeling, further promote corporate culture construction, form good corporate centripetal force and cohesive force, at the same time, also to rich industrial employees amateur life, relieve work pressure, strengthen the team spirit, 28 June 2014, Yantai Xingye Machinery Co., Ltd. organized member of the staff of Tourism activities.
     Enter the scenic area, like entering a “land of idyllic beauty seamount swamps”. The total area of 52 square kilometers, of which 19 square kilometers of land, and the Macao peninsula is almost the same area. The highest point of the Rushan scenic peak, 222 meters above sea level. The entire mountain Linhai and lie, majestic and Fengrun, Pinnacle hill, like the mother of huge breasts, the achievements of the this magical land. To big Rushan, is to feel the maternal love culture, religious culture, health culture. Rushan coastal tourist resort, wake up hundreds of millions of years of sleep mother mountain, making it a set of tourism, leisure, health and sports, culture and entertainment as one integrated tourism resort.

Company employees climbing competitions, we encourage each other support, plays a “hard work and innovation, scaled new heights” industrial spirit of courage. The tournament the top three male group is respectively: Yang Xiaoming, Jiang Zhihao, stimulated Brillouin scattering, female group two respectively is: Li Yuchun, Guo Xianye. Everyone at the top of the photo, for their efforts and feel happy. 

  Time goes fast, after a day of the scenery, we end up unable to part of a pleasant journey. The trip to Rushan, we released the work pressure, relax the mood, to strengthen the communication between colleagues, will be more positive attitude, with full enthusiasm to join the work to go.