Xingye Machinery was awarded the Yantai Doubling Program Reward!


On October 23rd, Yantai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held the mobilization of the fourth quarter of the Decisive Battle of Yantai and the multiplication of enterprise awards to cash in the General Assembly, 62 multiplication of Yantai City, Yantai city to meet the conditions of the awards and subsidies to cultivate the enterprise to be awarded, Yantai Xingye Machinery Company Limited has been successfully selected.

The company has become a “leader” in industrial development, a “main force” in scientific and technological innovation, and a “front-runner” in the fulfillment of social responsibility by adhering to the road of green development and leading the multiplication by reducing energy consumption and emissions. It has become a “leader” in industrial development, a “main force” in scientific and technological innovation, and a “front runner” in fulfillment of social responsibility, and has delivered an excellent report card.

Since this year, Xingye Machinery has been actively playing the doubling program to guide the effectiveness of incentives and doubling the leading role of enterprises, has won the “doubling cultivation of high-growth advanced enterprises” “Shandong Province, the top 100 private enterprises in innovation”. “Provincial Quality Benchmark”, “Shandong Province Engineering Research Center of Underground Mining Equipment”, “Shandong Province Academician Workstation”, “Shandong Province High-level Talent Development Promotion Association Member Unit”, “Shandong Province High-level Talent Development Association Member Unit”. Member of Shandong Province High-level Talent Development Association” “National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base” and many other honors, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive towards the goal of “doubling”.

The award is not only a commendation and recognition of the machinery, but also inspires the machinery to strive for the first power and fighting spirit. Standing in the fourth quarter of the critical period of the sprint, industrial machinery will focus on the annual target does not waver, firm will to fight, strict measures to fight, the courage to win the battle, continue to high quality to complete the “doubling” program goals, to realize the economic and social development of the city of Yantai to contribute to the power of the industry!

Xingye Machinery, helping you to prosper!