Recognition丨Happy to receive double honors!


On the morning of May 6, the district’s 2022 work summary and 2023 first-quarter economic operation analysis meeting was held in the Party School of the district party committee, which comprehensively carried out the spirit of the series of meetings of the central government, the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee on the economic work, reviewed and summarized the work of 2022, and grandly commended a number of advanced collectives, advanced enterprises and advanced individuals. Yantai Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. was honored as “Advanced Enterprise with High Growth Cultivated by Multiplication”, and General Manager Sui Xi was honored as “Outstanding Entrepreneur of 2022”.

Doubling cultivation of high-growth advanced enterprises

“Multiplying and cultivating high-growth advanced enterprises” is a special industrial policy of Yantai City to promote the intensification of manufacturing, digitalization, intelligence, output value multiplication and supply enhancement. As a national specialized, special and new “small giants” enterprises, Taishan industry leading talent project bearers, members of the National Mining Standard Committee, high-tech enterprises, Shandong Province, Shandong Province, gazelle enterprises, Shandong Province, high-end brand cultivation enterprises, Shandong Province, the top 100 private enterprises with innovation potential, Shandong Province, the manufacturing industry, single champion and Customs AEO high-level authentication enterprises Xingye Machinery has always been driven by innovation, taking sustainable development as one of the important strategies of the enterprise, attaching importance to product science and technology innovation and achievement transformation, and launching a series of mining trackless equipments which are leading in China and even in the world, constantly refreshing the industry record and showing the strength of China’s manufacturing industry.


The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification and GB/T 29490 intellectual property management system certification. The company has high specification underground mining equipment R&D platforms such as Engineering Research Center of Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Province Underground Mining Equipment Engineering Laboratory, Shandong Province Enterprise Technology Center, Shandong Province Industrial Design Center, Yantai One Enterprise One Technology R&D Center, Yantai Underground Mining Equipment Engineering Technology Center, etc. The company has more than 70 utility model patents. It has more than 70 utility model patents, 14 design patents, 13 software copyrights and 7 invention patents, and participated in drafting 1 national standard, 7 industry standards and 16 enterprise standards.

Outstanding Entrepreneur

Sui Xi, general manager, senior engineer, always adhere to the combination of theory and practice, rooted in the production and R & D line, the design of professional knowledge excellence, leading the company’s technical team to successfully develop chiseling, mining, transportation, service, special needs of five series, a variety of specifications of underground trackless equipment, all through the national mining safety mark certification, was named “Shandong Famous Brand Products”.


As the person in charge of technical management of the company, Comrade Sui Xi, in addition to the traditional functional design of underground trackless equipment, took the lead in introducing the requirements of product appearance design and ergonomics evaluation to strengthen the advanced design awareness of “mechanical beauty”. 2018, presided over the design of the product “30 tons of underground mine car” won the second “Underground Mining Car” award, which was awarded as the “Best Underground Mining Car”. In 2018, the product “30-ton underground mining truck” won the silver medal of the second “Governor Cup” Industrial Competition and the excellence award of China Outstanding Industrial Design Award; in 2019, the product “6 cubic meters underground shovel” won the “Mayor’s Cup” award of Yantai Municipal Government. “In 2019, the product “6-cubic meter underground scraper” won the Bronze Prize of Yantai Mayor’s Cup Industrial Design Competition; in 2020, the product “8-cubic meter underground scraper” won the Excellence Prize of Shandong Governor’s Cup Industrial Design Competition and the Excellent Prize of Yantai Mayor’s Cup Industrial Design Competition. In 2020, the product “8 cubic meters underground scraper” won the Excellence Award of Shandong Province “Governor’s Cup” Industrial Design Competition and the Excellence Award of Yantai Mayor’s Cup Industrial Design Competition. In recent years, in the direction of intelligentization and new energy, the company has completed “Intelligent Driverless Underground Scraper” and “Intelligent Battery Scraper”, which won the “Mayor’s Cup” Design Prize of Yantai City in 2021 and 2022 respectively. “Mayor’s Cup” design silver and bronze awards.


In 2021, General Manager Sui Xi was honored as “Yantai Outstanding Young Entrepreneur” and “Yantai Advanced Individual in Innovation Drive”; in 2022, he was honored as “Youth Worker” and “Youth Worker” by the Youth League of Yantai Muping District. In 2022, he was honored as “May 4th Youth Position Master” by Yantai Muping District Youth League and “Rising Star Entrepreneur of Shandong Private Entrepreneurs Top 100 List”.


The award, reflecting the leadership of the district party committee and the community on the development of industrial machinery highly recognized the achievements. In the future, industrial machinery will continue to firmly technical innovation, take the road of intensive, digital, intelligent development, to create a competitive advantage in enterprise development, for the strong development of China’s manufacturing industry to provide strong support!